Lifes a bitch and then you die!

13 07 2007

Well what can I say that is going to be witty and deeply thoughtful. Its been weighing on my mind over the last year so now seams as good a moment as any to tell you, the kind readers of this blog about something terrible, yet something that I know has been coming since this time last year….. I turn 30.

I know that it doesn’t sound like much, but it does sort of scare me, not because I fear losing my hair (already happened), becoming fat (I’m on that slippery slope already) or not being able to use a young persons railcard; but more because I haven’t done half the things that I want to have achieved. I, like many people, write those bloody “things I must do buy the time I turn 30” lists. My things included all sorts of stupid, weird and dangerous things, and having looked back on the things that I have done over the last 10 years it make me wonder if I have it in me.

 But that’s not the thing that worries me the most, the last (very last) thing that I wrote on the list was that I would start my pension. It depresses me that while I am still in the last dying throws of my “youth” I have to start thinking about getting old(er). I have no idea if I will be around in 20 years time, going by the rest of the males in my family this option looks rather dubious (my father died of a massive heart attack when he turned 48, my fathers dad died when he was 55 and if the rumours are true my great grandfather died when he was 56). With the male line dying off at ever younger ages how many more years will I have left (knowing my luck I will keel over 10 Min’s after winning the lottery) will I die and leave a good looking corpse (ha ha ha! good one!). So you can see the issue that I have with turning 30, its not so much all the things that I am loosing (youth, beauty, my hair) but all the things that I was stupid not to have done.

 Well I will grasp the bull by the horns (metaphorical, good vegan boy here!) and think about, looking into possibly doing some of those things. Or shall I admit defeat and book an appointment with the co-op to come round and measure me for a wooden box? Curse my indecisiveness, I think?.

 So what other things can I dump onto you (I use this blog a bit like a therapist, but its not metred and I can waffle on and on with out having to worry about taking out loan….. no wait, come back….. I’m sorry…. I will not talk about me….. I can change… honest…  

With love

 SF xxx




3 responses

14 07 2007

Baby! I could have written this post, all of it – I think exactly the same way as you do!

Oh poppit, I love you and admire you more than you will ever know, not least because you know how to handle my strops and you understand the healing power of glittery shoes, but because you are an amazing, intelligent, kind, hilarious person – if you want we will achieve some of these things together – well, the ones that we agree on – streaking through Brighton with a horses’ tail up my arse wasn’t on MY list – but you know what I mean – and hey, even if we’re on the other side of the world to one another, always know that you’re my bestest and I adore you, balding and fat or not.

When I see you I see heaven.

Love, love. love you – and I’m writing my response, my own quarter-life crisis post tonight, ok?

Kisses x

16 07 2007
Disco A Go Go

30 or not, i still lahve ewe (metaphorically vegan of course) 😉

22 07 2007
Feel Bad INC. « Wondy Woman

[…] feel compelled to write a cutting response to my old mucker Shocking Fish’s heart-wrenching Quarter-life Crisis post of last week, but I fear with my own birthday of the same age looming just over the hill, like an […]

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