Find a new ‘Lumpy’

16 01 2008

I am sitting at work and as usual I am not working but just thinking about work. I know that some people who have tough and manly jobs are going to sit back and give a good old masculine belly laugh at the fact that my job is hard. I know that its not chopping down trees or lugging bricks up a mountain, but never the less my job is hard.

I have spent much of today pondering the deeper meanings of a rather strange pink vibrator called “Lumpy” and before I get comments about “..why did you call it that..” or “..what a shit name..” I have to hold my hands up and say IT WASN”T ME! I know that in time gone past I have come up with a fair few shit names for rather unattractive products; a good example was the ‘Atomic Buzz Bomb’ which sold so well that we discontinued it within 3 months of taking delivery.

Lumpy sat alone in a boggy marsh

Well can you?

Sometimes it’s not my fault. Over the last few months we have taken delivery of some rather interesting male lingerie. I want to go on record and say that I was never convinced about the stuff and was forced into taking it on because my old boss thought that it would be the must have item for ‘gay’ shoppers. As a ‘gay shopper’ I would never touch the stuff – its…. its… well take a look for yourselves:


Also if you know of any ‘gay shoppers’ who would want to buy this stuff please let me know – we have a warehouse full of the stuff! Which can be purchased through that fine erotic retail out-let cherrybliss (if your under 18 don’t look at this link, also best not to look if you are offended by images of unattractive people in underwear or people with deeply held religious beliefs – I’m not suggesting that the site is full of images of people with deeply held religious beliefs rather that if you do have them you might get offended. But to the rest of you filthy beggers’ – go ahead and take a quick look I’m sure you will love it!)

So to wrap up this interesting post? I would like some suggestions for a new name for ‘Lumpy’ – the winning person will get a free ‘Lumpy’ vibe and batteries as well… Sorry Wondy but you can’t post – you’re a pro – not that way though..

Scraping the bottom of the metaphorical barrel

sf xxx




2 responses

16 01 2008

Aw dammit!!!!!!

17 01 2008

OK OK you can post a few ideas Im sure they will be great!

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