What happened to 2012?

20 01 2013

So what happened to 2012? I do have a rather good excuse; well, let’s be honest, the truth may have more to do with the fact that I’m a lazy, slovenly old queen (I admit it I’m old – gay years like dog years are in multiples of 7 – I will be turning 252 at my next birthday!). I have, in fact, been doing my professional diploma in marketing via the CIM. So I have been working… slightly… well some times… OK in a huge panic right at the end of the assessment deadline (why do you thing I’m writing this? I have project work I need to get finished).

So what else has happened in 2012? Well in many respects not a huge amount, but also in other areas a huge amount. Let’s get some of the biggest issues out in the open; I have now been hitched to the Monkey since April 2011, I didn’t wear a peach taffeta monstrosity (I was hoping to get Thelma Madine to make me something – if you don’t know who she is just Google ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’). It was a fun filled family affair and for some unknown reason we had the ‘Imperial March’ play as we entered the room. I have a feeling that Monkey planned it. So for the last 20 odd months, some of which were very odd, we have been very happy here in Bristol*

I have now been at my current job for almost 5 years, which is the longest I have ever been with a single company. I have also been very unhappy for the last 12 months and since June 2012 have been looking for a new job. So far I have applied for over 80 jobs, had 8 interviews and got down to second stage interviews 3 times – but with no luck of securing myself a new role. I have always hated looking for a new role but with the economy in the state that it is, it makes it even tougher (to be fair I do know how lucky I’ve been to get a 10% success rate – I have friends who have been searching and get nothing back). The hunt still goes on and as soon as I have news I will (maybe) let the internet know.

The other big news, which I have to admit I’m rather proud of myself for doing, is that I have passed my Driving Test. I had 4 hours of lessons every week for over 9 months. I hate driving, growing up in London I never saw the need to learn to drive and while I did have 2 lessons when I turned 17 and I hated every single moment of it. I then had more lessons when I was 23 (and living in God’s own waiting room by the sea – Worthing) once again I hated it. But not having a driving licence was preventing me from going for jobs. So I finally took the plunge and got behind the wheel. I still hate driving and roundabouts scare the living hell out of me, but I can drive…

So this has been (selected parts of) the last 12 months of my life.


SF xxx

*That is a huge lie, moving to Bristol has been a big mistake for both me and my barely trained simian (but more about that some other time).




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