Who? What? When? Where?

I have a habit of being me, nothing more nothing less – I am ethical and compassionate in my out look, but still manage to retain a very good sense of humour (some might say that it’s twisted). I am nearly always late and put things off till the very last second. I am trying to sort out my life but at the rate I’m going I am sure to be dead before I get half way through the ‘to do’ list! Also as you can see I only update this blog when I have something worth saying – so normally only once a month

I now live in the dank and dull city of Bristol (having moved from Brighton) with me very own northern monkey – love is grand and I couldn’t have asked for more in a husband. We are currently bickering over weather to get a cat (my choice) or a dog (his). We both know that if we get a dog, it would be me that has to walk it, feed it and generally look after it. Sadly this is too much like having a second monkey around the flat! So in an attempt at a compromise we now have a tropical fish tank…

Music is way cool – unlike that last part; I like lots so here`s a small selection – Queens of the Stoneage, The Clash, Consolidated, Moloko, Portshead, Marilyn Manson, Roots Manuva, Sousixie and the banshees, Whale, Jurassic 5, and loads more….. I love cheap and crappy low budget (or should that be no budget) horror and sci-fi films of yester year. I am a sci-fi geek and I don’t care who knows it! I spend too much time on the internet and need to get out of the house more. Would love to say that I have a social life but seeing as I don’t really drink and gave up drugs many years ago, I’m hardly going to be the life and soul of a party (unless it’s a dull and crappy one). I have a tendency to over use ‘!’ for which I can only apologise.

If you haven’t already wondered why I go by the internet name of shockingfish (or shockin_fish depending if its hotmail or not) don’t worry, I haven’t either. I just like it! I have also taken to the name veganmonkey (which is my twitter name) I don’t know why either but I just like it!

I try to be kind to all that meet me – and no I’m not talking about sympathy blow jobs down some dark ally (although in my youth many an evening was spent down a dark ally somewhere in Richmond/Twickenham/Hounslow lending a hand or mouth to a new male ‘friend’; cheap and slutty no – slutty and easy yes!) – I like to make people feel how I want to feel; if that makes any sense?I also update this bit often as I rewrite bits and remove stuff! Oh and ignore the spelling, please.

sf xxx


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24 05 2007

Did somebody say something about sympathy blow jobs?

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