What happened to 2012?

20 01 2013

So what happened to 2012? I do have a rather good excuse; well, let’s be honest, the truth may have more to do with the fact that I’m a lazy, slovenly old queen (I admit it I’m old – gay years like dog years are in multiples of 7 – I will be turning 252 at my next birthday!). I have, in fact, been doing my professional diploma in marketing via the CIM. So I have been working… slightly… well some times… OK in a huge panic right at the end of the assessment deadline (why do you thing I’m writing this? I have project work I need to get finished).

So what Read the rest of this entry »


And now the end is near…

6 02 2011

I have been blogging for the best part of 6 years and I have to be the first to admit that I haven’t been updating it for the last 2-3 years on a regular basis. So I shall be moving this blog to a new and fresh site/look… But it will take a few months (sorry…)

A man walks into a bar…

17 07 2010

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I am going to keep this very breif as I am trying to knit a tea cosy for work (no really!) so I will let you know what happens very soon.

Keppin’ it real (ish)

SF xxx

The Snow Queen

28 02 2010

Monkey has always wanted to see the Northern Lights (I had always assumed that he meant the Blackpool Illuminations) and being the wonderful and deeply caring other half, I have always refused to give into his consent whining and insidious demands (treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen and all that jazz). On the other hand there is one person who has always given into his demands; Mother Monkey. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Wimin’ made me a man

7 02 2010

I am a ladies man. OK let me first explain, I love ladies but for the record I love men more. So what do I mean? Well yesterday I started to look at all the people who have played their part in making me, well… me. I thought that I would list all those people that I in some bizarre way look up to? Now I have to be really honest I have never really had idols – they are inevitably not worth looking up to. So the following people (OK there are a few blokes on the list but once you see who they are you will understand) have all helpped me to be me. Read the rest of this entry »

A dream in Peach Taffeta

23 01 2010

I was never going to be a blushing bride for two very simple reasons

1 – I am a man

2 – I was never sure that I wanted to get married

However about 6 months after meeting Monkey, I started to think a little differently. First let me explain a little about him. He has this habit of making me laugh when I am trying to argue or nag him to do something. He has a habit of demanding tea at the drop of a hat (big cup, red one sugar!) and worst of all I can’t imagine my life without his bulk besides me. So for the last 5 years we have happily milled about and lived together; me being fussy vegan type and him being a demanding ‘Northern Monkey’. So Just before Christmas we got ‘engaged’ (not sure what the gay option is for engagement is but seeing as I believe in equality I shall say that we are engaged). There is no ring as the one that Monkey wants is around £2000 (platinum with a cluster of small ‘black’ diamonds – see I told you he was a high maintenance be-atch).

So the family know, friends know, people at work know. People have already started to ask when the big day will be and what they should wear and what types of gifts they should buy for us. I have already had to quash peoples hopes of attending a ‘Gay Wedding’ as Monkey wants to spend about 50p on the whole thing and has already stated that he would rather no one is there (I’m hoping that I am not included in that!). I have also had to upset Monkey by saying that I would prefer that people don’t give us gifts (we have a home full of tat as it is, without a selection of toasters, smoothie makers and small bits of china added to the mix)

So at the moment we don’t have a date (it maybe at some point this year) so as soon as I have more information I will let you know.

The belle of the ball

SF xxx

Sia – You’ve Changed

23 01 2010

I have become a convert to the joy of Sia – and this latest video fills me with little weasles of happiness