And now the end is near…

6 02 2011

I have been blogging for the best part of 6 years and I have to be the first to admit that I haven’t been updating it for the last 2-3 years on a regular basis. So I shall be moving this blog to a new and fresh site/look… But it will take a few months (sorry…)


The joys of age!

26 08 2007

It has become rather interesting, how, since my 30th Birthday, I have started to notice the simple joys in life. I have just returned from seeing the rather good Bourne Ultimatum; and in the 20 minuets before the film started (as is always the case) there came on an advert for some of the services and promotions that the cinema do – the one that caught my eye (and also monkey’s) was for the silver screen service (its aimed at the more mature market) which gave you not only a classic film but also a cup of tea (served in a teapot!) and a selection of busicuts. At this point I realised that I wanted that – a classic film and a rather nice cup’o tea – come on who wouldn’t!

I also have to laugh at the wonderful Christa ( yes she may be moving to a better place – and starting all over again! BUT.. she will also be missing this years panto at the Brighton Pavillion Thetre – and with this years panto being cinderella staring ONLY the filthy ladies off the telly – yes Kim and Aggie as the ugly sisters and the wonderful dave Lynn as the wicked step mother who has the upper hand now (well ok – she will probably be skiing and riding santa’s sley (fanar fanar!) – curses!

Word to ya mom I came to drop bombs (sorry)

 SF xxx