The Lady

16 03 2010

Sadly the lady passed away today after a very breif illness. She will be missed.

The Lady 10-2007 – 03-2010


Dead and Buried or the day of my father’s death.

21 01 2010

It has been over 10 years since my father died. I can still remember the day, every stark grey moment of it; I can remember getting up to make a cup of tea and getting a call from one of my dad’s employees to say that he had been taken to hospital after collapsing. At the time, Helen (my sister) and I were the only people in the house. I had to go and wake and tell her the news, she was recovering from her Birthday piss up the night before – she started to cry, the sort of big fat tears that came in huge uncontrollable sobs. I think out of all of the things that happened over the next few days and weeks, this was the thing that most upset me.


It was the last week of university and my time being a student had come to a close. I have to say that out of all of the things that I have ever done in my life (looking back now without the aid of rose tinted glasses) I wouldn’t have chosen that particular university. For all the great friendships that I had made, for all the fun times that I had been part of – I still encountered my first and (thankfully – touch wood) only time as an outcast.


I have to say that I only chose that particular university because it was the best place to do my chosen course – Geology & Biology (joint hons.). I had always been me and lucky for me coming from a highly supportive and caring environment of college. Knowing that university would be Read the rest of this entry »

‘Balls’, ‘Arse’ and the dangers of ice…

10 01 2010

I know that I only have myself to blame for this; but I do often wonder the sort of low level scum that I am attracting to my blog (apart from you – of course!). So looking at the search terms that people have used to get to this low rent ‘gin-joint’ include:

ball up the arse,  balls up arse,  what does shallow end of the gene pool mean?,  penis size gene pool,  balls in arse

I am thinking that ‘Balls’ is the main reason that people are coming here and I feel such a fraud for not have any on offer, sorry! If you have come here looking for shoving balls up your arse – please don’t – do you really want to end up in casualty at 10:45pm try to explain how it happened “Well…erm… I was naked and cleaning my flat, when… I slipped on a sock/cat/banana skin and that how it happened…really” while all the nurses, doctors and other Read the rest of this entry »