That Sunday feeling

28 01 2008

It has been one of those weeks, well to be honnest I think that the whole of January has been a little bit…well crap to be honnest. I am currently ‘recovering’ from a rather nasty cold. I spent all of Saturday lying under the duvet (in the living room in front of the TV). I was unwell,  the point that even Monkey went out and brought cough syrup and soup for me (now that tells you how ill I was – even Monkey didn’t ask me to make tea for him at all through out the day.).

 Well I was feeling better by the next day. Monkey, woke up, gazed into my eyes and spoke to me in a soft and husky voice ‘Tea? Big cup!’ before removing the covers from me and forcing me out into the cold kitchen to pander to his wanton carnal tea needs. Its nice to know that I do at least get one day off to recover from a possible (and in a manly type of way) life threatening illness.

 So after burning my hand on a scalding tea bag, I showered and changed (Monkey being a grubby bugger just put clean clothes on a dirty, filthy, grubby and many other words ending in ly, body. We popped out into Brighton, mostly to see what I hould by the little ones (Its my youngest neice’s Birthday on Sunday and we still owe them Christmas gifts – they went to New Zealand to see thier other grandparents – my sister had fun, a hyperactive three year old and a ill/teathing 1 year old on a 34 hour flight! ha ha ha ha!) and Monkeys comics (Empire, SFX, Wii Reviews and a bag of sweets) and my magazines (New Humanist, Freethinker, Marketing and a bottle of water – go you can tell that Im the older of the two of us – although I look sooo much younger).

After wandering around we discide to book tickets to see ‘Sweeny Todd’ so we book tickets and with 1hour and 45 mins till the film starts we make our way for something to eat.  We went to Yo Sushi – the fuckers have changed te menu – all the vegan items that I liked had been removed (although Monkey informed me that his favourite Chicken dish is still on the menu, so he was fine.) so we then move across the road to Pizza Express. After waiting for almost an hour the food arrived – so we bolted it down. With only 4 minuets we had to run (filled to the brim with pizza and diet coke) to the cinema – I was jiggling like a waterballoon, Moneky being the true gent that his is, kept on making me laugh by poking me in the side; so weazing and jiggling like some sort of asmatic hippo we arrived at the cinema.

 Monkey grabs an ice cream and I filled up half a bath tub with cheap semi-flat cola (it was foul tasting pepsi max). I manage to drink most of it before the film starts. The film was great;I think that Tim Burton is a true cinamatic genius and if you havent seen the film yet, I would advise you to go and see it. The look is stunning, the feel of the film is deep and dramatic and the acting talent is one of the best around. I love Johnny Depp; he is truely talented and a great actor.

I am trying to think of a great way to end this post – I may well edit it once I have posted it but it will have to do for the time being.

 Piff, Puff, Poof

 sf xxx