The new blog…

3 12 2011

It’s taken its time but, all being well there should be a new blog (although I will transfer most of the posts from this site to the new one) very soon. I need to get my arse in gear and finish the other work that I have to do on my list before that.

keepin’ it real since 1832

SF xxx


Gem Mania

24 04 2010

Gem Mania – I want an infinate amount of these must order now!

Under the weather…

10 03 2010

Sadly I am writing this from my sick bed – well it’s more likely to be a head cold.


SF xxx

More posts please…

3 11 2009

Well just a very quick post – will get something up soon. I am still surprised at the my most popular post on my site is all about my trip to Berlin in my last job (well ok Im not that surprised!)

Will write more very soon

SF xxx

Normal service will resume shortly

6 08 2009

I have to admit that this blog is been a little neglected over the past few days no weeks no months; which has a lot to do with the fact that I am a lazy bugger and would rather watch the QVC special on Christmas Decoupage with the wonderful Dawn Bibby (Monkey has already signed me up to the official email, well it beats being told that women are not satisfied with the size of my penis but if I give them my bank details they are willing to send me $84,675,723.87)

So what has happened in the last (can it really be) almost 9 months, well not a huge amount – have expanded a little around the waste, have become an uncle *again* (my god can’t my sister keep her legs closed for more that 5 minuets?), been to Heather Mills house, purchased not 1 but 2 fish tanks (filled with plants and fish) and I have started to look *again* at were I want my life to go.

So I will do another post soon and give you a more up to date post…

I really will…


And remember that the world is your fruity lobster..

SF xxx

For Christa – She’ll get it!

2 04 2008

Quote for the day

22 01 2008


“Mavis, you’re not fat and ugly. You’re plump and plain!”
Arthur to Mavis Cruet – Willow The Wisp.