Help ducks this Easter

27 03 2010

Please donate to Viva! by clicking here

Below is information from Viva! about this latest campaign. If you are not a member of Viva! I would urge you to join them…

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The Lady

16 03 2010

Sadly the lady passed away today after a very breif illness. She will be missed.

The Lady 10-2007 – 03-2010

Under the weather…

10 03 2010

Sadly I am writing this from my sick bed – well it’s more likely to be a head cold.


SF xxx

The Snow Queen

28 02 2010

Monkey has always wanted to see the Northern Lights (I had always assumed that he meant the Blackpool Illuminations) and being the wonderful and deeply caring other half, I have always refused to give into his consent whining and insidious demands (treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen and all that jazz). On the other hand there is one person who has always given into his demands; Mother Monkey. Read the rest of this entry »

People buy this stuff?

11 02 2010

These are the sort of things that I’m sure my mother would love. I may have to order some for her! The bonus of adding spandex to everything is going to be a boon for her (and acording to the advert for the PJ jeans thay look like some European designer – really??)

‘Wimin’ made me a man

7 02 2010

I am a ladies man. OK let me first explain, I love ladies but for the record I love men more. So what do I mean? Well yesterday I started to look at all the people who have played their part in making me, well… me. I thought that I would list all those people that I in some bizarre way look up to? Now I have to be really honest I have never really had idols – they are inevitably not worth looking up to. So the following people (OK there are a few blokes on the list but once you see who they are you will understand) have all helpped me to be me. Read the rest of this entry »


26 01 2010

For all of those with a sweet tooth